The Urgent National Need

India needs 6,00,000 more doctors & 10,00,000 more nurses

Core Challenges.

  • India needs 6,00,000 more doctors & 10,00,000 more nurses.

  • There is acute shortage of faculty in medical colleges.

  • 70% faculty time spent on teaching Facts at the cost of Skills.

  • Existing medical colleges unevenly distributed.

  • Governance of colleges for compliance is a challenge.

  • Urban bias – MBBS doctors don’t go to rural areas.

  • Poor technology adoption & resistance to change.

ICSIL’S Key Solution.

  • Addresses the national capacity building problem.

  • Delivers standardized e-content as per MCI curriculum.

  • Focuses on skills based learning rather than fact cramming.

  • Empowers regulatory bodies with e-governance.

  • Bridges the urban-rural divide through using ICT.

  • Delivers the promise of telemedicine across the globe

  • Allows collaborative and continuous learning beyond the college.

Fact Files

The National Need
Veerappa Moiley Report on OBC Reservations in Higher Education (Chapter V) recommends that a great chunk of factual knowledge be imparted through e-mode of teaching and self directed and self paced student centric learning making full use of Information and Communications Technologies.

E-Campus Solutions
The program has been designed as per the curriculum prescribed by the Medical Council of India and adopted by medical colleges all over India. All examples are relevant to the Indian healthcare context..

E-Content Repository
Consists of over 500,000 re-usable Learning Objects that can be authored into courses

Key Benefits
e-learning does not replace traditional instructor-led training but complements it, forming a part of the blended-learning strategy..

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